Horizon lounge (1)

$12,285.00 USD

Horizon lounge (1)

$12,285.00 USD
Type: Lounge
Stackable: No
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Horizon is an aesthetically pleasing, minimalist series of furniture with stringent lines and a modern design expression. Horizon includes a modular lounge concept and a daybed that are essentially Scandinavian. The design focuses on good comfort and flexibility. The lounge furniture can be arranged to adapt any need and any outdoor space. Take a single module of Horizon to stand alone or combine modules to create a large corner or U-shaped sofa. With its light steel frame, the lounge furniture seems almost to float while the weaved seat adds a touch of sheer elegance.

Width: 316 cm | 124.5 inches *

Depth: 243 cm | 95.7 inches *

Height: 73 cm | 28.8 inches *

Seat height: 45 cm | 17.8 inches *

Seat depth: 77 cm | 30.4 inches *

Weight: 72 kg | 160 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on