Go café table 75x75 cm

$1,305.00 USD

Go café table 75x75 cm

$1,305.00 USD
Type: Dining
Item number: 5042AL-P75X75HPSDG
Stackable: No
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Go is a table “to go” – wherever you like. With its slim and elegant design, the table is ideal wherever a café table is required. The minimalist and modern design makes the table a perfect match for any chair. Go allows you to mix and match colours and styles. The Go table is made from powder-coated, all-weather aluminium with a counter weight base, to maximise stability and strength and thereby allow use in all weather conditions. The Go table is designed by Cane-line Design. The base can be combined with table tops in a range of sizes and designs.

Go café table base (5042) w/75 x 75 cm table top (P046)
73 cm
28.7 inches *
12.8 kg
28.3 lbs *
Go table top w/75 x 75 cm (5042)
75 cm
29.6 inches *
75 cm
29.6 inches *
1.2 cm
0.5 inches *
12.32 kg
27.2 lbs *
* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on
CategoryCafé table
Table topHPL, Aluminium 
CoverNo. 8

Aluminium maintenance manual

HPL maintenance manual

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