Basket 2-seater sofa

$5,905.00 USD

Basket 2-seater sofa

$5,905.00 USD
Type: Lounge
Item number: 5520000UAITT
Stackable: No
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Basket is a spacious and comfortable sofa designed by Søren Rose Studio. Basket’s design is characteristic of classic wicker furniture, but with Cane-line’s robust materials it can be safely used in the garden. With its powder coated steel frame and sturdy weatherproof Cane-line Weave® in a rattan-like colour, Basket offers an inviting natural appearance. The cushions are made with the Cane-line QuickDry & Airflow system that provides excellent comfort while ensuring that the sofa dries quickly after a downpour. Basket has plenty of room for you and your loved ones due to its deep seat cushion which invites for socialising and relaxation.

Basket 2-seater sofa, Cane-line Weave (5520000)
201 cm
79.2 inches *
100 cm
39.4 inches *
70 cm
27.6 inches *
Seat height:
40 cm
15.8 inches *
Seat depth:
72 cm
28.4 inches *
Armrest height:
61 cm
24.1 inches *
42.35 kg
93.4 lbs *
* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on