Basket coffee table, medium

$1,975.00 USD

Basket coffee table, medium

$1,975.00 USD
Type: Lounge
Item number: 5320100U-P70COMC
Stackable: No
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Basket coffee table is designed in collaboration with Søren Rose Studio. A coffee table inspired by the nature with its round shapes providing an organic design expression. Basket coffee table is manufactured in the durable Cane-line Weave® on a hot-dip galvanized steel frame with an elegant ceramic tabletop. The combination of soft curves and edgy ceramic tabletop creates an eye-catching and refined look for your outdoor lounge area. The Basket coffee tables are available in three sizes, which complement each other beautifully.

Basket coffee table, medium (53201)
40 cm
15.7 inches *
75 cm
29.5 inches *
6.85 kg
15.2 lbs *
Basket table top for coffee table, medium (53201)
1.2 cm
0.5 inches *
70 cm
27.6 inches *
14 kg
30.9 lbs *
* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on
CategoryCoffee table
FrameCane-line Weave / Galvanized steel
Table topCeramic

Cane-line Ceramic maintenance manual

Galvanized steel maintenance manual

Cane-line Weave maintenance manual

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