Space 2-seater module sofa (6540)

$3,795.00 USD

Space 2-seater module sofa (6540)

$3,795.00 USD
Type: Lounge
SKU: 6540AITG-4406

· Exclusive design · Durable and practical dyed fabric · High quality of soft fabric · High lightfastness · Dirt-repellent · Dries quickly after a downpour · Long lifespan · Minimal maintenance and cleaning

Space is a lounge concept in a modern and Scandinavian design. The concept adds a new dimension to modular lounge sofas where one is capable of changing materials and functions and thereby the look. Space can stand as a lounge sofa, but one can also change the back and side modules into tables, so the lounge sofa can even change into a sunbed. The table plates are of either certified teak or solid surface material, the fabric is the soft and comfortable Cane-line AirTouch. This innovative and contemporary lounge concept is designed by the Danish design duo Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD.

Width: 180 cm | 0 inches *

Depth: 105 cm | 0 inches *

Height: 70 cm | 0 inches *

Seat height: 40 cm | 0 inches *

Seat depth: 76 cm | 0 inches *

Armrest height: 67 cm | 0 inches *

Weight: 28.1 kg | 0 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on

Category2-seater module

Aluminium / Cane-line Airtouch / Teak / Cane-line HI-core

CushionCane-line Airtouch
QuickDry & Airflow systemsYes (Read more)

Aluminium maintenance manual

Cane-line HI-Core maintenance manual

Cane-line Teak maintenance manual

Cane-line AirTouch maintenance manual

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