Nest lounge chair INDOOR (74211)

$2,550.00 USD

Nest lounge chair INDOOR (74211)

$2,550.00 USD
Type: Lounge
SKU: 74211RU-7421Y124
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Nest lounge chair is a modern Danish design in rattan by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD, who has a love for nature and traditional craftsmanship. Therefore, the Nest lounge chair is something special, as it is made of the natural material rattan and weaved by experienced rattan-weavers in Indonesia, who has a long tradition for the craftsmanship. The lounge chair has a modern and timeless look that makes it suitable for almost every home. The large range of coloured cushions gives the possibility to give the lounge chair a personal touch. The Nest lounge chair is classic Danish design at its best – simple, comfortable and high quality.

Width: 90 cm | 35.43 inches *

Depth: 84 cm | 33.1 inches *

Height: 74 cm | 29.2 inches *

Seat height: 40 cm | 0 inches *

Seat depth: 68 cm | 0 inches *

Armrest height: 71 cm | 0 inches *

Weight: 4 kg | 0 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on

CategoryLounge chair
FrameRattan / Aluminium
CushionCane-line Natté, Swipe

Aluminium maintenance manual

Cane-line Rattan maintenance manual

Cane-line Natté maintenance manual

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