At Cane-line, we are certified to a number of different standards in the areas of social responsibility, environment and sustainability. These certifications mean that we are under an obligation to ensure good working conditions and protect the environment. They are also important to you as a consumer, as they are your guarantee that we keep our promises and honour our commitments. 

Read further details about our certifications below.




ISO 14001 is the most highly reputed international standard for environmental management systems. It requires us to maintain a sound environmental policy at all times. The certification also binds us to achieve a number of targets aimed at protecting the environment. This is your guarantee that we are constantly working to become even better at protecting our environment and society.

The SMETA certification means that we bind us to ensure proper working conditions, and thereby create social responsibility. Among other things, it means that child labour is not allowed and that pay levels are fair and in accordance with local law.

The teak used in Cane-line’s furniture is sourced at special forests where the timber is approved and forested under the certification scheme SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu, Indonesia’s timber legality assurance system). This guarantees that trees are forested responsibly, i.e. preserving the natural environment and preventing deforestation.                                         

Environmental consideration and sustainability are also incorporated into the production of printed materials. The ClimateCalc certification is your guarantee that materials are printed with respect for the environment and thus carbon neutral. 

The UN Global Compact focuses on the areas of social responsibility, sustainability and the environment. As these also constitute the core values of  Cane-line, we are part of an international community that is hard at work to improve these areas.

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